About Caroline

Caroline Darr is a wife of one and mother of four. In a former life, she worked for a startup company as a content manager/writer/editor/whatever-they-feel-like-having-her-do-today. She left that very glamorous position in 2010, to both stay at home with her first child and make a whole bunch more.

Despite being busy with homemaking and breastfeeding 24/7, she continued to freelance as a professional disaster human. This came to a head in 2012, when her husband told her to either seek full-time employment in CrazyTown or quit pursuing this particular passion project and go to therapy. She chose the latter, and wow is everybody glad she did!

Caroline is now a mostly functional person with a lot to say about getting all aspects of your life together: health, finances, family–and more to the point, how past traumas and emotional growth impact all of these things and more. She has no qualifications other than surviving what should have been unsurvivable, and continuing to do her best every day to break patterns of generational trauma. It is her grandest hope that her children will have comparatively little to discuss when they inevitably wind up in therapy.

She currently homeschools, because she was accidentally given an extra dose of optimism when God was handing out common sense. If you would like to see her publicly embarrass herself in a different forum, she also teaches dance fitness classes. In her spare time, she enjoys scrolling through social media on her phone, to see what people who leave their houses do for fun.

Caroline has written a bestselling book, but it is not yet published or represented in any way.

One of us is very excited about our matching outfits.

What People Say

“Have you taken your meds today?”

Laura’s Husband

“Wow. Just…wow.”

Laura’s Therapist

“Can I play a game on your phone?”

Laura’s Children

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